Title Tags: Top 5 SEO Best Practices

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The complexity of SEO is increasing with the passage of time. It is not enough to just make a little optimization of your page. For instance, let’s talk about Title tag. The title tag of a page is the most valuable element to handle. The title tag appears in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and a proper title tag can help you a lot to rank your page/post. The importance of title tag is not just in the SERPs but also for the headline of browsers and external websites such as social media websites. To perform a perfect SEO, there are some rules while regarding title tag of a page.

5 Title Tag Golden Rules

Follow these golden rules and you will absolutely find a clear change in your SERPs results. Carefully read each one of these rules.

Length of a Title Tag

The length of a title tag is very important for different search engines. For Google search engine, there are criteria about the length of a title tag. Keep it in mind that your title tag can only be of 50 to 60 characters. If it will be longer than that, Google will cut the result and your result in Google will show ellipsis in the end. Some experts out there consider that long title tag is good for social websites but as a whole, everyone should make a compact title tag that will cover 50 to 60 characters.

Use Different Title Tags for Different Pages

There is a misunderstanding that using a great title tag to every page of your website (or more than one page of your website) is good for SEO. Why don’t you imagine only once that what will happen when Google crawlers will crawl and see that there are more than one same title tags on different pages? Yes, now you are observing. Of Course, the crawlers will discourage this non-professional behavior and the ranking of your website will suddenly fall. So, try to use different title tags for different pages.

Placement of Keyword in a Title Tag

To be popular on Google search engine, you have to tell Google that what keyword you want use. So, here is an important tip for you guys. Use your keyword at the very start of your title tag. It will let Google know that you want that keyword to rank.

Readability of Title Tags

Make sure of one thing that title tag you are using is understandable and emotional enough that the user can interact for the whole post. As there is a quote “the first impression is the last impression”, your title tag is the first impression for a new visitor. You should make your title tag so complete and emotional that the user can’t leave your website without reading the whole post.

Title tags for e-commerce websites

For e-commerce websites, the shopping cart that you are using for your website is programmed to take the product name at the beginning of title tag. Then there comes the name of the category and finally the brand. Some SEO experts said to use the brand name at the end if you are not a popular brand. That’s why a shopping cart is designed this way. If you are a well know brand, then use your brand at the beginning of title tag.

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