RepuSure Review: Best Online Reputation Management Software

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In this review, you will learn why I recommend using Reputation.CA’s powerful online reputation management software called RepuSure. is a Toronto, Canada based company that offers software and managed services to help people and businesses improve their reputations on search engines, social media and review sites.

Managing your online reputation is extremely important in today’s age where all your personal background and history is a simple Google search away.

According to BrightLocalBrightLocal, “84% of people have Googled someone before having a business relationship with them”. According to BusinessInsider, the “ordering of search results influences people”.

You have to be very careful about your personal and business reputation on Google because many people will believe everything they read online, even if it is false. This means you can lose out on many opportunities just because the wrong information is attached to your name or company.

Unlike most other SERP tools, RepuSure tracks your Google results and shows you whether they are positive or negative.

To understand the power of this technology, I created an account and started a FREE TRIAL to see what shows up for my name and brand on Google.

It is simple and easy to create an account. You can login with your existing Google/Facebook account or create a brand new one using a username and password.

Creating a New Campaign

First off, you need to create a screenshots campaign to see exactly what shows up on Google.You have to do the following:

  • Enter a base term (your full name or company name)
  • Search Location (ex. United States)
  • State/Providence (ex. Maryland)
  • Search Engine (ex.

Click “Save” to save your search. Once finished, RepuSure starts working on building a screenshot campaign of your results. It may take around 20 seconds to load your results.

RepuSure displays 2 separate screenshots that show exactly how Google SERPS appear to individuals conducting your desired search. Here is an example below:


Track Your Search Results

Next, you can track the rankings of each results using the “Asset Ranking” tool to see how the SERPs change over time. This is a great feature because you’ll need to see how your link building and reputation management campaigns perform over time. What gets measured gets improved. Here is an example of the “Asset Tracking” feature:


If you want to be notified whenever your SERPs change, then you can set up email alerts to notify you. Also, I want to talk about maybe the most powerful feature of all, Suppression.

How to Suppress Bad Webpages from Google Search

Let’s say you do a search and find something that hurts your company brand. What should you do? In most cases, you’ll end up panicking and wishing the bad webpage would go away. Unfortunately, you will only get lucky if the website goes offline or the webmaster decides to shut down the website. Either way, you have no control over the situation.

On the other hand, RepuSure offers a helpful solution to the problem you are facing. All you need to do is enter your search terms and select the right search engine under the “Suppression” link.

Once the search results appear, then click the check mark box of each result that you want to be suppressed. Depending on how many results you checked, you will receive a monthly quote of the cost to remove these results from Google search.

Reputation.CA undergoes a comprehensive process to make you look great including:

  • Understanding your profile
  • Tracking your search results
  • Developing and executing a reputation management plan
  • Creating articles, social media profiles, and content that shines positively on you
  • Optimizing your own assets to rank higher on Google

If you are serious about improving your brand image and managing a healthy public profile, then I suggest you at least try RepuSure to see how others see you and your brand.

Final Verdict: RepuSure is a World Class Reputation Management Tool

I’ve been doing business online for 10+ years and have encountered dozens of business owners who desperately needed negative reviews & webpages hidden from Google results. Some of these business owners couldn’t sleep at night because they were losing thousands of dollars every day due to 1 or 2 bad reviews about their business.

The downside of the internet is that anyone can create a webpage and write horrible things about another business that took decades to build. These types of people usually suffer with many problems in their life so they take out their unhappiness and anger on innocent people.

You cannot fight these psychopaths alone. You need a powerful tool and trustworthy company to handle these guys. I highly recommend Reputation.CA as a useful reputation management company and will be using them in the future if I need certain reviews or pages suppressed in Google.

How to Get Started

To get started, visit Reputation.CA and click the red button”Start Your Free Trial“. You will be able to use their tool for free and utilize their Suppression service if you find anything negative online about your and/or your company.

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