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This service for is site owners who want to speed up their WordPress sites and blogs.

Nobody likes a slow website and it’s costing you traffic, leads and sales.

BackLinkInsider loads under 1 second because we have optimized everything for speed:

Google prefers websites load under 3 seconds because that’s when people begin to click away.

We also offer Desktop + Mobile Speed Optimization for WordPress sites, too.

Many WordPress sites are terribly slow on the mobile phone and if your site isn’t mobile optimized, it won’t rank.


  • Fast Loading Site – Dealing with a slow site is a nightmare. BacklinkInsider loads under 1 second because we believe in a fast and speedy site. We can help you get your site speed under 1 second, too!
  • More Traffic – Your visitors expect your site to load under 3 seconds. Once you speed up your site, you will notice a nice boost in traffic. Plus, your visitors are happier.
  • Higher Rankings – Google has already implemented their Mobile SEO rank across all their datacenters. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you won’t rank. We help get your site looking good and fast on mobile devices.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our basic speed package costs $99 for WordPress sites. If you have multiple sites, buy 1 unit for each site. E.G. Purchase 5 packages if you have 5 sites.


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