On Page vs Off Page SEO: What’s The Difference?

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If you’re getting started in SEO, then you’re probably scratching your head and wondering:

What is more important: On page SEO or Off Page SEO?

To better understand this, let’s use an analogy to see how both methods work.

Websites Are Like Any Offline Business

Your website is like a brick and mortar store. You know, like the baseball card shop you visited as a kid. Or maybe your favorite ice cream shop or bookstore.

On Page SEO is like an attractive looking store with lots of cool stuff inside that attracts your target customer into your store. It’s everything inside your store that makes people want to visit and buy from you.

Off Page SEO is like all the flyers you pass out, TV commercials, radio advertisements, word of mouth referrals, and things done outside of the store to make people find you and realize your store offers the solutions to their needs.

Which is more important?

Simple. Who makes more money: McDonalds or your local burger joint?

Of course, McDonalds does. And it’s not because McDonalds sells the best hamburgers or makes the best food.

Some people agree that McDonalds taste disgusting while other people eat their everyday and love it.

But McDonalds has so many advertisements, billboards, referrals, word of mouth, and other positive comments going on outside the golden arches that people flock to their restaurant and make them rich.

Your focus should be on Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO is so easy because you only need to do a few basic things:

Get your main keyword in the page title, h1 tag, in the content body, and in your URL.

That’s it.

Only takes 5 minutes to research keywords in Google Keyword Planner and another 2 minutes to make the correct changes.

But Off Page SEO requires you to reach out to other people and get them to say nice things about you and your website. Once people know who you are, then they start linking to your website, sending traffic your way and Google will begin to notice your website as an authority.

Content is King, not On Page SEO

Spend a little bit of time on On Page SEO while giving the bulk of your efforts on content creation and Off Page SEO factors.

On Page SEO is not the same as great content. In fact, the Atlantic gets millions of visitors per without focusing on SEO. It’s not necessary to make a lot of money online.

Great Content + Great Backlinks = Great Traffic

After doing business online for almost 8 years, I realized that it’s as simple as great content and great backlinks. SEO is easy to understand if you master the basics.

Write great content or hire other people to write for you. Then reach out to other people with great websites and get them to link to you. That’s it.

Your favorite websites do this naturally. That’s all it really takes to be successful!

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