Help! My Blog Traffic Sucks…6 Tips to Increase Traffic

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Blogging is an important piece to any traffic generation puzzle.

When you first start your blog, you are full of excitement and energy with all your goals in mind. Soon, you start writing a bunch of articles until… You realize nobody is reading them.

Sometimes, you write blog posts for a month and barely get 10 visitors per day.

So what’s the problem? The problem is you need to breathe life into your platform.

Writing is not enough. Yes, content is king. However, you need smart marketing along with good content to increase your traffic FAST.

Some people tell people to wait years to get good traffic. That’s silly.

Instead, I recommend you try to increase your traffic every week. Daily is too volatile because you will experience up and down days.

Your goal is to increase your blog traffic every week. View your Analytics per 7 days and make sure the chart is going up.

6 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Quickly

Now here’s a few SIMPLE tips to make it happen faster:

1. Post Daily – Yes, many bloggers don’t recommend this but I have seen over and over again that daily posting works. If you are in a super small niche, then it’s harder. That’s why I suggest picking a broader niche with lots of topics to write about.

2. Write Shorter Posts – There’s a lot of talk about writing 2,000 word blog posts to get a #1 Google ranking. The problem is every topic doesn’t deserve 2k words. Instead of adding filler content, I recommend breaking up a boring 2k article into 5 400 word articles. More targeted information is better than longer, boring content that doesn’t really address 1 main problem.

3. Post Your Content to Social NetworksUse Jetpack to handle this automatically. You will get a bit of social media traffic if you write decent headlines.

4. Target Long Tail Keywords – Go after the low hanging fruit. Find a solid group of long tail keywords that doesn’t have too much competition. Go for “Organic Tree Houses” instead of “Tree Houses”.

5. Schedule Your Posts in Advance – A BIG tip is to use the post timestamp feature to schedule blog posts to publish in advance. This will keep your blog posting fresh content in case you forget, get sick or lose internet access.

6. Use Facebook Pages – Make Facebook your main social media goal. Spend time building up a following then interacting with them on a regular basis.

There’s more advanced stuff later but these 6 tips will cure your blog traffic problem in a hurry. Stay consistent and follow these strategies.

Tell me what you think in the comments. Are these tips working for you? What do you do to increase blog traffic?

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