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One of the most common topics on many SEO forums is whether social signals affect rankings. In my experience, I believe social signals like Facebook likes, Google +’s and Tweets provide enough SEO juice to put you on the 1st page of Google for variety of keywords.

The Rise of Social Media

In 2012, Mashable posted an article about how The Atlantic stopped focusing on SEO and wrote articles for social media. The way people receive and post content has changed in the past few years.

If you write quality content and share it properly, your website can generate the majority of its traffic from social networks without relying on Google.

Luke at Peerfly posted a blog post about how he drove over 1 million visitors (mostly from Facebook) using viral Facebook Pages. Not only will social media drive traffic, but Google will give more weight to pages that perform well over Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How Google Sees Social Signals

Let’s look at things from the view of Google. You want to rank for the keyword “best t-shirt company” and Google sees two different pages.

  • 1 with lots of backlinks but no socials signals.
  • Other page with fewer backlinks but lots of Facebook likes, Tweets and social media traffic.

Google will find it very strange for a popular website to be absent on social media. It doesn’t make sense. If your website is worth talking about, then people will link to you over their social media accounts.

In most cases, I have found that Google will rank the website with fewer backlinks but more social shares.

This appears more natural and trustworthy then a website with lots of links but no activity.

How to Send Social Signals to Your Website

First off, you need to create a page at the big social media websites. Here’s a list of the websites that send the most traffic:

If you use WordPress, then Install the Jetpack plugin to automatically post your content to your social media pages. This will send a few signals to every piece of content you publish.

If you don’t use WordPress, HootSuite is a free alternative.

This is the foundation of your social sharing strategy. To take your rankings to the next level, you should outsource your efforts using social signals SEO services.

Recommend Social signals Service

You have two options when it comes to sending more social signals to your website:

  • Create a lot of accounts yourself
  • or Pay for a reliable social signals service

I prefer to outsource this because other people send the signals themselves and gives me time to focus on boosting rankings and creating content.

Here’s a list of good social signals services:


I use a Fiverr service by govcel to send 500 social signals to any URL. It costs only $5 and is great if you need some quick signals for cheap. I used their service to rank my Kindle ebook in the top 4 spots for my main target keyword.


If you need a bulk social signals service, then I recommend DripRevolution. They offer packages starting at 300 signals per month and they feed drip them over time.

I used a small package and noticed a nice bump in rankings for a profitable keyword.


Social media isn’t going anywhere so you need to figure out a simple strategy to help Google rank your content higher without spending hours of your precious time on social media sites. Use the tips I explained above to boost your SEO efforts for you and your client’s website.

Are social signals boosting your rankings? Let me know in the comments.