How to Get Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

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While searching something on Google, you will notice some results show Breadcrumbs or Category Navigation instead of full URL. Here I will discuss how to add WordPress SEO Breadcrumbs in Google search results.

Breadcrumbs Navigation also plays an important role for On Page SEO. By using this, Google will show clickable “Category” link in lieu of full URL. This can bring you extra search engine traffic. Here is a screenshot how search results show as an exampe:

show Breadcrumbs on search results

How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google SERPs


For WordPress Users

If you use WordPress, then simply install the Yoast SEO plugin to show breadcrumbs in Google Search Results.

After you finish installing the plugin, you go to SEO -> Internal links -> Check the Enable breadcrumbs box.

Your Google search results will update and begin showing the breadcrumbs depending on how long it takes Googlebot to crawl your website.

For Non-Wordpress Users

I only use WordPress for my websites so please check out this tutorial on how to get breadcrumbs in Google search results for any website.


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