Top List of Travel Blogs that Accept Comments

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Blog commenting is still a low cost, effective strategy for building dofollow and nofollow backlinks, improving the # of domains linking to your sites, and increasing referral traffic. The problem is most travel blogs are either low quality, low traffic or not worth your time. Luckily, many top travel blogs do both accept and respond to comments. Now, I know what you’re think – but the majority of these blogs are nofollow.

Well, did you know that a good majority of backlinks pointing to the #1 Google ranking are nofollow? SEOJet analyzed over 35,000+ rankings and discovered some of the #1 ranking had up to 90% of the links marked as “nofollow”.

What was truly surprising was that on average over 30% of the links for each website were nofollow. Some of the #1 ranked websites had over 90% nofollow links. It just goes to show you that although Google says they are not counting nofollow links in their algorithm, a natural link profile will have them.

Source: SEO Jet

What this means is getting nofollow blog comment links will help your site obtain a more natural backlinking profile. Of course, you can also target some travel blogs that offer dofollow links as well to send more link juice to your site.

Focus on Quality blogs that allow the URL field

While there are literally millions of travel blogs, I’ve compiled a list of the best travel blogs that allow you to drop your link in the URL field. There is a recent trend of blogs either disabling blog comments or removing the URL field to prevent spam. So just because a blog accepts comments doesn’t mean the URL field is there.

All the blogs listed below are HIGH QUALITY SITES that receive real traffic from real people. That means not only will you improve your backlink profile but you’ll get referral traffic too.

Here’s the list of travel sites organized by domain rating:

DR70 to 80 Travel Blogs

DR60 to 70 Travel Blogs

DR50 to 60 Travel Blogs

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