TinyRanker Review: The Most Powerful SEO Rank Tracker

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TinyRanker is a very popular SEO rank tracking tool that was created in 2008. I took a moment to speak with the team over at TinyRanker so I could get a better idea of how to properly use their service.

In this review, you will learn how to use TinyRanker to track your Google keywords for SEO and why I recommend it.

First, you’ll need to sign up for a FREE 30 day trial account here. Simply fill out the form and you can access your account once you confirm an email.

Next, TinyRanker asks you to enter a domain name and Search Engine. I simply used “BackLinkInsider.com” for my URL and Google Search (United States) for my rank tracking results.

Then you have to add some keywords. In this review, I used the keyword “Create a Website like WorldStarHipHop” because it’s one of my top ranking keywords.

Inside the TinyRanker Dashboard

Once you enter your base keywords, you can choose from several options:

  • Site Overview
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Lists
  • URls
  • Google Analytics
  • and Competitors


TinyRanker shows a very nice layout of my current rank, Onpage score, URL, and estimated Google monthly searches. I like this feature because it saves them doing Google Keyword research, plus track my rankings at the same time.


It can be hard to keep track of all your URLs (and your clients), but I really like how TinyRanker organizes all your URLs in one easy section. This makes it easy to add and delete pages when your SEO goals change.

Google Analytics

TinyRanker can access your Google Analytics data to provide a more comprehensive SEO report. I’ve never seen this feature before and I’ve used dozens of SEO rank trackers in the past. Very nice feature.


This is the 2nd most powerful feature behind tracking your keywords. TinyRanker comes up with an automated list of potential competitors and lets you compare your rankings head to head. So far, I’m outranking a lot of big websites like BlackHatWorld and Freelancer. What normally would take hours to do manually is done in minutes with this handy feature.

Not only can you compare rankings, but Tinyranker shows you which keywords your competitors are using and where they rank. This is golden because you can literally steal your competition’s keyword list or add undiscovered keywords to your money pages.


After your 30 day trial, you will need to upgrade to a bigger plan. The trial plan only offers 50 keywords so upgrading is a nice bonus because you get 100 keywords with the starter package.

Starter Plan

I recommend the Starter Plan for most bloggers, small ecommerce stores, and other small web projects. 100 keywords is more than enough to tackle a small niche. If you track your web metrics closely, you will realize only a handful of keywords lead to lots of revenue anyway.

Basic Plan

This is a good choice if you are an advanced marketer and have multiple websites. If you own 5 sites, then you can track up to 100 keywords per site.

Expert Plan

This is TinyRanker’s most popular plan and offers you 1,000 keywords for only $79. I recommend this package if you own more than 5 websites, have clients, or rely on Adwords PPC for your lead generation. You can really test out A TON of keyword combinations to find which ones convert better then track your rankings until you show up #1.

Agency Plan

This is for SEO agencies only. 2,000 keywords is a ton so only sign up if you have lots of SEO clients.

Things I Like

Tinyranker offers a great product. They combine the features of tools like SerpBook, MOZ and SEMrush in one simple to use online platform. Here are some of the benefits I like:

  • Very fast loading site
  • Tracks keywords by URL
  • Shows how your competitors are ranking
  • Lists all your keywords in 1 simple format
  • Saves you time by revealing your competitor’s keywords
  • Very affordable for any serious internet marketer
  • Tracks mobile rankings
  • Create SEO keyword reports for your clients

Things I Don’t Like

So far, I don’t have many complaints. I’ve only been using the tool during my trial period so no complaints as of yet.

Final Verdict: I Recommend Tinyranker

I recommend Tinyranker for any blogger, small business owner, or SEO agency who wants to track their keywords and provide reporting on them. They give you a FREE 30 day trial to test out their platform (no credit card needed).

Try TinyRanker for 30 Days Free

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  1. Hello Tarik,

    I’m trying to using its trial/free version but it’s not working. Can you guide me is there any other way to use tiny ranker for 1 month at least?

  2. Pretty impressive tool. I am gonna try it for sure. Is it directly linked to google APIs? I believe that google tools are best but it dont give us the precise ranking report. Hope its gonna work.

  3. I agree tool is good But is it is better than Moz, Ahref or Majestic which offer various tools. I will try the free trial and than can make any conclusion on this tool.

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