SociallyViral Review: Create Your Viral WordPress Website

Socially Review - Wordpress Theme by Themeship

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In this SociallyViral review, you will learn how to increase viral traffic, boost social shares and make more Adsense revenue.

SociallyViral Theme: Increase Viral Traffic & Adsense Income Easily

First, click here to purchase SociallyViral and download the WordPress theme. You will come to an order screen where you will be asked to create a Mythemeshop account then submit your payment method.

Mythemeshop accepts Paypal and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover). Once you enter your payment information, you will receive an email with information on how to download the theme.

Mythemeshop provides comprehensive documentation and instructions on how to install the theme. Here’s a video tutorial on how to Install the theme:

You can easily download the zip file then upload it to your WordPress blog under the Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme section. If you need help, I will upload the theme to your hosting account if you purchase through my link.

How Does SociallyViral Increase Your Traffic & Adsense Income?

SociallyViral increase your social media traffic by copying a proven website template for increasing Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and Google+ shares. When you drive lots of social media traffic, Google notices and sends you more search engine traffic. Every person who visits your website boosts your Adsense income because they generate ad impressions and click your Adsense banners.

Without traffic, your website goes unnoticed. Traffic is the #1 problem for most websites. I know exactly how you feel…

You create content for your readers but nobody is reading your site. How do you change this? Copy the viral traffic model.

Viral social sharing websites are making a FORTUNE right now. Here’s a few sites you probably know:

  1. Buzzfeed
  2. Upworthy
  3. Viral Nova

Right now, people love to share these kinds of websites on their Facebook feeds and twitter accounts. If you own a website like this, then you will get a lot more free traffic from social media.

What is SociallyViral

Socially Review - WordPress Theme by Themeship

SociallyViral is a WordPress based theme that is proven to increase social shares, boost traffic, improve SEO and make you more money.

Who is this theme perfect for?

  • Bloggers
  • Viral Traffic Websites
  • Magazines
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneurs

List of SociallyViral Features

  • Mega Menu Compatible
  • Show Featured Posts
  • Add Reviews to Your Content
  • Show Share Buttons
  • Different Loading Effects
  • Bulti-in subscrption box
  • Adsense Ready
  • Optimized for Social Media
  • 100% responsive
  • Fast loading
  • Built for speed
  • Parallax scrolling
  • SEO optimized
  • 630+ Google fonts
  • Translation ready
  • Widget Ready
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 1 Click Theme Updates
  • Unlimited Backgrounds
  • Ajax loading
  • Retina ready icons
  • Breadcrumbs enabled
  • Author box (optional)
  • Dedicated 24/7 direct support

SociallyViral is a completely loaded WordPress theme with lots of options to build your perfect WordPress website. Now, I’m going to take you underneath the hood and talk about the things I like and dislike about the theme.

SociallyViral loads extremely Fast

Website speed is an important SEO factor according to Google. Plus, visitors love fast websites. If you want to increase pageviews and Adsense income, you need to ditch your slow loading WordPress theme and download SociallyViral.

I tested the SociallyViral demo on Pingdom for page speed. Take a look at the results:


SociallyViral loads under 1 second. If your WordPress blog is very slow, then you should consider much quicker theme. SociallyViral will not only make your website faster, but save you money on bandwidth and memory usage. More pageviews = More Adsense income.

General Settings

Once you download and install the theme, you can customize it under Appearance -> Theme Options.


  • Logo image: Upload your logo easily
  • Favicon: Favicon appears in the address bar next to the URL. Upload yours easily.
  • Twitter username
  • Feedburner URL
  • Header Code: Add any header tracking scripts
  • Footer Code: Add any footer tracking scripts
  • Copyrights Text: Change the footer text without touching any code
  • Pagination: Choose between default (Previous/Next, Numbered (1,2,3), Ajax load more or Ajax infinite scroll)
  • Ajax Quick Search: Instantly show search results in real time below the search form
  • Responsiveness: Toggle responsiveness on/off

Styling Options

You can change the colors and appearance of your website without touching any CSS code. Here’s a look at this section of the theme.


  • Primary Color: Change the color of your theme
  • Secondary Color: Change the secondary color of your theme
  • Layout Style: Use either a left sidebar or right sidebar layout
  • Footer: Enable/disable footer widgets
  • Background Color: Choose a background color
  • Background Pattern: Choose from 37 different background patterns
  • Custom Background Image: Upload a custom background image
  • Custom CSS: Enter your custom CSS here
  • Lightbox: Whenever a visitor clicks on an image, you can enable/disable the lightbox


Customizing your header normally requires editing HTML code. Luckily, you can edit your header without touching any code!


  • Floating Navigation Menu: Turn off floating navigation
  • Header Search Form: Enable/Disable the header search bar
  • Show Primary Menu: Turn on/off the primary nav menu
  • Show Logo: Show/Hide your logo
  • Social Media Icons: Customize the social media icons in the header


The homepage section comes with a few nice options.


  • Featured Categories: Change the featured posts that show on the homepage
  • Meta data: Turn on/off the Author name and date on the homepage

Single Posts

Posts is where the majority of your traffic will land. This section is one of the most important to customize properly to increase Adsense income and social shares. Here’s how to do it:


  • Post Meta info: Turn on/off the Author name and date
  • Meta Info to Show: List your select Author Name, Categories, Date and Comments
  • Breadcrumbs: Enable/disable breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are good for SEO.
  • Highlight Author Comment: Whenever your respond to comments, your name will be highlighted
  • Tag Links: Show a tag cloud at the bottom of every post
  • Related Posts: Showing related posts increase page views. Toggle this on/off.
  • Author Box: Display your author box at the bottom of each post
  • Date in comments: Display the date in the comments section

Add Social Sharing Buttons To Each Post Without Touching Any Code

Social sharing is the major source of traffic for viral traffic websites. SociallyViral makes it easy to enable/disable Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and Linkedin buttons on your post by clicking the slider on or off.


Increase Adsense Income

The easiest way to make money with your viral website is through Google Adsense. In order to make good money from Adsense, you will need a lot of impressions and clicks.

SociallyViral makes it easy to add your Adsense code. There are two main places to places to add it: Under Theme Options -> Ad Management & Widgets Sidebar.

Just copy and paste your code either below or above your content under the Ad Management section.


There is also a Widget available to add a 300×250 Adsense banner to the right sidebar.


2 Things I Don’t Like About SociallyViral

1. Sidebar Links Need Customization

Sidebar links are a greyish color and you need to customize them in the custom CSS section under Styling section. If you aren’t familiar with CSS, then you need to read a tutorial or outsource this task.

2. Homepage Shows Blank Image if You Don’t Attach a Featured Image

If you don’t attach an image to your posts, you will get a big blank image on the homepage. I haven’t seen anyway to make a default image show up.

Free Bonus: I Will Setup SociallyViral For You

Don’t have time to setup SociallyViral? I will setup SociallyViral on your web hosting account 100% free if you purchase through my link. I will properly install the theme and setup all the features including your social media accounts. Purchase the theme through the link below then email me at:

 Download SociallyViral Now to Increase Your Traffic and Boost Adsense Income

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  1. Awesome review. You have explained all the important features of the theme.
    sociallyviral is really an amazing wordpress template that helps generating revenue from viral content sites.
    thanks for sharing bro. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Nice review,
    I’m Socially Viral user too,
    free themes,
    but it not work properly,
    search bar on header not show,
    is it different paid or free themes ?
    thanks for your answer 🙂

  3. Awsome post brother.
    in this post you have share all the feathers of theme.
    i also use socially viral theme.this template is really amazing.
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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