How to Get Backlinks from Quora

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Quora is my favorite website for getting backlinks lately. If you sign up for an account and answer questions, you get nofollow backlinks when you publish a good answer.

How to Get Free Backlinks from Quora (Step by Step Tutorial)

I always share a warning in these posts because some of you may think about posting junk on Quora just to get backlinks. Respect the Quora community and they will give you links in return. Let’s not ruin this for everyone!

Step 1 – Create an Account

Go to and sign up for an account


Step 2 – Search for your niche topic

Enter your keywords in the search bar.


Step 3 – Write your answer

Write a thoughful answer to the question. If you don’t know anything about the topic, simply copy and paste some content from another website in this format:

I found this article over at and thought it could help you


Hope this helps.

Don’t post irrelevant information on a question just to get backlinks. Your post will be flagged and your account may be suspended. Read the Quora Terms of Service for more information.


Note: Do not spam Quora. Please leave relevant answers for this to work in the long run.

Step 4 – Post Your Link

Paste the entire link URL where you want the link to appear. Quora automatically turns your URL into a hyperlink.


That’s it! Hope this helps you build some backlinks!

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    1. All links that we were creating from Quora are NoFollow Links. Even if you getting Nofollow links from the sites like Quora will impact your website a lot.

  1. Hi Tarik,
    Thanks for this nice article
    I have been active on Quora recently. Answering questions related to my expertise and niche. But, I am not so sure if these links are DoFollow. I haven’t seen any substantial increase in traffic as well. Some backlink tools have not detected Quora links. Please elaborate more on the same.

  2. Ya Quora backlinks are not dofollow, but they can generate a lot of referral traffic. Over last 6 months I’ve gotten over 2,300 visitors from my Quora posts. It is true that sometimes based on the quality/traffic of your answer that Quora will turn your link into dofollow, but this is very rare.

  3. I am having account in quora had many posts that i have followed your article but backlinks are not increasing in quora and no referral visits fro quora may be no follow links . Your Article is very informative for me . Shall come back again

  4. Thanks a ton for the amazing quick tip. I just started using Quora and already addicted to it. But do you’ve any idea how much time does Google takes to index the Quora link?

      1. Hey, this is nice way to get backlinks from QUORA but why QUORA banned my account? Even I am not posting any irrelevant links in the context! Can you please help me out?

        Thank you in advance 🙂
        Cheers, Tom Wood
        Salesforce implementation expert

  5. I just checked the backlinks. I can confirm they’re NOFOLLOW – most definitely –

    Free DOFOLLOW worthwhile links are extremely hard to find.

  6. Apart from that, we can also get backlink from topic photos on Quora. Anyways, thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I am going to show you some more backlinkining opportunities in an u[coming video.

  7. Thanks for your article.Great Post.Quora seems to be a great website to find answers for your questions.
    Can reddit be used for getting quality baclinks.?Can you please help with other techniques to build backlinks.

  8. Thanks for your article.Great Post.Quora seems to be a great website to find answers for your questions.
    Can reddit be used for getting quality baclinks.?

  9. Recently i have started posting on Quora. When required i have inserted hyperlink also. I tried to search for back link with the help of some back link checker tool. But the tool failed to show back links from Quora. I believe back link from Quora is NO FOLLOW.

  10. Its nice to get such info & easiest method to get back link from quora but i don’t think that this will be do follow link?

    Btw thanks bro

  11. Hello, thank you very much for the post. Quora backlinks are Nofollow. Therefore, do not waste your time on Quora is you want to solely build HQ backlinks!

    1. Thanx to you Man you share really something which I looking from many days. You rock. I really going tonyse Quora to make my link profile awesome.

  12. Yeah the truth is that quora only uses the no follow tag, thus resulting to no seo benefits.

    No follow links would only drive extra traffic and make your back link profile cleaner

  13. This is an awesome post here on how to get a quality backlink, though some of them with you have listed here are indirect ways of getting a backlink, and this would surely help every blogger, I’ll try as much as I can to implement it.
    Thanks for sharing and i want share here mysite backlink article data article com/2019/02/data-high-pr-do-follow-backlinks-site.html

  14. Unfortunately, they are not DoFollow any more, however they can be used as a great source of traffic. Thanks for the article

  15. Thanks for your information but mention the one thing its not dofollow backlink from quora. BTW, it’s an amazing opportunity for getting huge amount of traffic from Quora.

    Regrading Sagar

  16. I have lot of my website links in quora, with detailed answers but i didn’t get backlink from quora, one of my answer has 30k view.

    Is there any method to get backlink from quora?

    Please help me.

  17. Hi,
    The first thing is that Quora convert all external urls to NoFollow, and the second thing I’m finding a way to get NoFollow backlink from quora. Is there any source link to learn “How to get NoFollow backlink from quora?”

    I hope you will respond back to me.


  18. You will not get dofolow link from quora this way… and you should use quora not for link, only for quality traffic. Win-win situation. Give helpfull answers and get some traffic from quora.

    1. Quora changed their links from dofollow to no-follow but I still get some traffic from Quora. I think Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are better for driving free traffic though.

  19. Righ It’s really doesn’t matter if it’s do-follow or no-follow. Getting traffic from Quora is great to have. Thank you for sharing this information

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