3 Tools to Protect Your Content From Being Copied

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Are you a victim of someone stealing your content and posting it on their website without your permission?

Online content theft is a serious growing problem and happens to everyone from smaller websites to large companies. Nobody is going to protect your content for you. You must take the necessary steps to prevent hackers, thieves and criminals from copying your content without proper linking and attribution.

Below are the 3 tools to help you get started.

1. Copyscape

Copyscape is the leading tool for fighting content plagrism. Enter your URL in the search bar to see if your content has been copied or stolen.

2. DupliChecker

Duplichecker is a Copyscape alternative that lets you copy and paste your content into their tool to see if anyone copied your content. It’s 100% free.

3. WP-CopyProtect

WP-CopyProtect is a WordPress plugin that disables right click function and other features to prevent your content from being stolen. I currently use WP-CopyProtect on this website. It’s free to install for WordPress users.

What to do if your content gets copied or stolen?

If you find someone using your content without your permission, then you could send them an email asking them to link to your website.

If you want the content removed from their website, file a DMCA and report the blog to their webhost.

Here’s how to do it:


Most webhosts will review your DMCA request then shutdown the thief’s website until he removes your stolen content.

If you need help removing your content from a competitor or thief’s website, then leave your story in the comments.

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  1. Copyspace is the most reliable too. But dont be affraid, Google checks the copied articles too with copyscape. If they dont pass at least 80% unique they will be banned by google anyway.

  2. plagiarism is a most common problems faced by many blogger but these tools can certainly help to fight against it. thanks for sharing these tools.

  3. Thank you Tarik, for your post. I haven’t worked with WordPress plugin WP-CopyProtect, but I would definitely try it. But I have also one tool to share with you, it’s Unplag plagiarism checker, which has free version, as for me it’s the best checker for now, as I have worked with lot’s of different plagiarism detection tools.
    Have you ever checked it out?
    Again, thank you much!

  4. Such a comprehensive list of tools! Thanks for that!
    I’ve used Copyscape previously and was pretty satisfied with it, however, recently I’ve come across more performative software from Unicheck. It can be even used in GDocs through its Add-on. So everybody can choose one according to his needs.

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