Free Dofollow Backlinks from PR7 DA73

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I’m going to show you how to get some juicy PR7 DA73 backlinks from, an authority website for students who want to take classes overseas.

Follow this tutorial step by step to build these super simple links.

Step 1  Click “Sign in” in the Top right Corner


Step 2 – Click “Join Now” to Create an Account


Step 3 – Fill out the “Create Account Form”


Step 4 – Click Your username in the top right corner


Step 5 – Click “Edit Profile” on the right hand side


Step 6 – Add at least 100 words and insert your link


Adding unique content to your profile is very important. For starters, you will increase the chances of keeping your profile active. Secondly, Google loves fresh content and it is more likely to index the page if you provide at least 100 words. I like to write a few short paragraphs then fill out as many questions as possible. Adding a photo helps too. The more unique content, the better off you will be.

There are two ways to add a link: Using the LINK symbol or manually editing the HTML code.

To add a link, highlight your anchor text then click the “Link” symbol. If you want to manually edit the HTML, use this code:


Step 7 – Click “Save Profile” to Publish Your Changes


How to Get Your Links Indexed By Google

Once you create your profile, you need to use a backlink indexing service to help Google find and crawl your profile page. I use Backlinks Indexer to build Tier 2 links to all my profile pages. Your profile page should be indexed within 48 hours.

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  1. Hello , friend thanks for sharing the nice work , but these days looks they have removed “Sign Up” option/ Button from site , so on this site no more sign ups and further process to add backlink , well but your guide is helpfull to understand the process ..

  2. U cannot find the Signup Button in the page.Looks link the site updated their page and removed registration process. So sad.
    anyway thanks for posting awesome backlinks tutorials 😀

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