How Do I Manage Domains in My Private Blog Network?

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Private Blog Networks are very powerful and allow you to build high PR backlinks with ease. Once you get them and up running, they take a bit of maintenance depending on how big your network is.

Assuming you picked some good domains, you need to find a way to manage multiple domains without wasting time logging in and out of each WordPress site.

ManageWP: Manage Your Private Blog Network From A Single Dashboard

ManageWP is a powerful paid tool that allows you to manage an unlimited amount of WordPress sites from 1 single location. It literally changed my life because I no longer have to search around for WordPress passwords or URLs.

You will drive yourself crazying trying to manage everything by yourself. ManageWP is a big time saver and stress reducer.

ManageWP Features

It offers plenty of powerful features like:

  • 1 Click Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Post blog posts
  • Moderate & delete spam comments
  • 1 click full wordpress backups
  • Run security scans on your website
  • Monitor website uptime and Google Analytics
  • Clone website to speed up changing domains

ManageWP Benefits

  • Perform your WordPress management tasks all in one place
  • Save time by logging into one Dashboard instead of dozens or even hundreds
  • Promote a WordPress management service to your customers. Log into ManageWP, click a few buttons, and within minutes your monthly website management is complete. Bam! Now send that invoice to your client.
  • Monitor the uptime of your own sites or those for your clients and respond proactively to fix them, or let your client know something is awry with their host. You’ll be a hero!
  • Monitor and analyze the SEO performance of your sites or those for your clients. Easily let them know where they stand and offer your SEO optimization services.
  • Create additional websites easily and quickly with the ManageWP Deploy service.
  • Manage all your WordPress sites from your mobile devices with our ManageWP app for iOS.

How Much Does It Cost?

Right now, I only pay $7 per month to manage my 10 site private blog network. It comes with the standard features including backups, quick spam cleanup and posting features. It’s very affordable and gets the job done.

Click Here to Start Managing Your Private Blog Network Like A Pro

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