6 Best Keyword Research Tools

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Keyword research tools are a must have for any serious blogger or SEO. But there are a lot of them so perhaps you don’t know which ones to choose.

Here’s a list of the keyword research tools I personally use to grow my online business.


SurferSEO helps you discover high traffic keywords with low competition and write articles around those keywords. Download the free SurferSEO keyword extension to get search volume data within your Google search results


Ahrefs is the gold standard for competitor keyword research and finding low competition keywords with good search volumes. Webmaster tools is free to signup and you can track your organic keyword volume and backlinks. However, you need a paid subscription to perform keyword research.


RankIQ is a keyword research tool made specifically for bloggers that gives you a list of low compeititon keywords for your niche. It’s much cheaper than Ahrefs or SEMRush but is more expensive than Ubersuggest.




  1. SEMRush

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