7 Reasons Why Google Adsense Is Bad For Your Website

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Google Adsense is one of the easiest and most common ways for most bloggers to make money from their websites. It’s so easy to sign up for an Adsense account, create a javascript ad and paste the code on your website.

However, Google Adsense is known for fraud and banning adsense accounts to increase Google company revenues. Lisa Irby talks about the recent Google Adsense leaks in this video:

The Google AdSense "Disabled" Scandal

Plus, Adsense sucks and makes your website look tacky and average.

Why take pennies from Google when you can really make serious income online? Here’s 7 reasons why Google Adsense hurts your website and how to replace Adsense with better income streams.

7 Reasons Why Google Adsense Is Bad For Your Website

1. You have zero control over the Ads

Google Adsense delivers ads to your website using a computer script, not a human. You simply have no control on what types of ads show on your website. It opens your website up to bad ads and can leave your visitors with an overall bad experience. It’s best to control your ads to give your visitors the best products and services to help them reach their goals.

2. Google takes the lion share of the revenue

Have you noticed Adsense income has been lower in the past few years? Well, Google is still making a fortune with Adwords & Adsense. Why is that? Because Google is cheating you and stealing the majority of your Adsense income.

Thousands of websites display Adsense yet have no idea what percentage of the revenue they receive. Google robs you day and night and keeps your income way below what it should be. Tell Google Adsense to kiss your ass and start exploring better revenue streams.

3. Adsense drives people away from your website

When you start your first website or blog, you have no audience. I mean nobody! Your website is new. Every website visitor has a problem or need. Your job is to provide solutions and capture their email address. I use Aweber to build an email list so I can stay in touch with my website visitors.

Other alternatives for followup are Facebook like or RSS subscription. Businesses are built on repeat customers.

It’s why your cell phone provider, cable TV network and landlord make more money than you do. Fortunes are built on recurring income.

Adsense makes your visitors leave forever. It makes it 100x harder to build an audience when you’ll accept pennies from Google in exchange for a lifelong subscriber. Replace Adsense with affiliate marketing to market products and services that your customer needs. If they do leave, at least you can earn a commission on any lead or sale. You’ll make more money plus avoid sending traffic to your competitors for pennies.

4. Adsense makes your website slower

Adsense uses javascript to deliver ads to your website. Javascript makes your website slower because it takes more resources to load the script. You only have a few seconds to capture your visitors attention, but everybody hates slow websites. Slow websites makes less money than fast loading websites.

Removing Adsense will speed up your website and lower your web hosting bill because you will use less bandwidth.

5. Your competitors get cheap clicks from your website

Adsense has so many advertisers that one of your competitors can easily create an account and steal visitors from your website for pennies. Don’t allow this. Instead, create an advertising page on your website and have advertisers pay you a monthly fee to advertise to your audience.

It makes you more money plus stops competitors from hijacking your traffic. If you are really ambitious, hire an advertising expert at Elance to contact potential advertisers on your behalf and pay them an hourly wage or percentage of each successful agreement. Soon enough, you can have several advertisers paying you without worrying about getting Adsense clicks.

6. You cannot earn recurring income from your visitors

This should be #1 because it’s a huge mistake that 95% of website owners make. You want to focus on passive recurring income, not one-time income.

Passive Income Streams 101

One-time income is earnings generated from 1 action like an Adsense click. You get paid for the click or impression but that’s it. No more money after that. Adsense rips you off because the advertiser gets a potential lead or sale for very cheap.

Passive recurring income is earnings generated from monthly memberships, subscription fees and ongoing payments. You get paid over and over again from doing work only once. It’s the biggest secret that most rich website owners never tell you. Focus on monthly sales or recurring affiliate programs and watch your income build up each month while you do less and less work.

7. Adsense makes you lazy and stops your creative thinking

The difference between the average website and profitable websites is the income system. Profitable websites develop multiple income streams that pour cash into their pockets. Adsense is easy, but it hurts your income in the long run because you turn off your creative thinking.

Your website needs multiple earning pathways like monthly subscriptions, private advertising, affiliate marketing, link sales, paid guest posts, webinars, done for you services, conferences, and high ticket items to increase your website traffic and income.

How to Replace Adsense with the Ultimate Blog Profit Model

If you’re looking to give up a scam income source like Adsense and really build a profitable website, then watch this amazing video presentation from internet marketing expert, John Chow. John Chow earns over $100,000 per month from his website without using Google Adsense. Watch this youtube video now:

How to Make Over $100,000 a Month by Blogging

If you are struggling to increase Google Adsense income or want to make more money online, then simply create more value for your visitors. Expand into product creation and done for you services. Publish a book. Sell a 12 step training course with step by step videos. Do something more than paste some crappy javascript code. Use a variety of different revenue models to make money with your website.

Do you love or hate Google Adsense? Why do you think Google Adsense is worth using?

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    1. I agree. It’s gotten worse over the years and now they are being sued for stealing money. There are better ways to monetize your site!

  1. Haha LOVE this post, the biggest one for me is the fact that your hard earned visitors are being taken off of your web property.

    We built AskTina to combat this terrible program… now you can make money RIGHT there from your visitors 😉


    1. Google CPM is pretty low compared to other networks. Try Media.net or Taboola. There are lots of niche CPM networks too.

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