Wikigrabber Tutorial: How to Get Wikipedia Backlinks

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Getting a backlink from Wikipedia is a powerful way to send link authority & domain authority to your website.

It’s one of the biggest and oldest websites on the internet. It’s hard not to find Wikipedia in the top 10 of Google for almost any search.

Wikipedia links are no-follow but they still pass authority plus send traffic to your website.

Citations & Dead Links

Anyone can add pages to Wikipedia and edit the information – because of that and the sheer size of the site you can find a lot of broken links or information that needs a citation/reference.

This gives us the opportunity to find those dead links and needed references then update them with a link to our own site.

WikiGrabber: The Ultimate Wikipedia Backlinking Tool

You can get backlinks manually but I found a free online tool that makes this process so much easier.

It’s called WikiGrabber.


All you have to do is enter a search term and the site will come back with a list of related pages on Wikipedia that either need a citation or have a deadlink.

How to Use WikiGrabber

All you have to do is enter a relevant search query to your niche, for example I could use SEO, marketing, link building or social media etc.


In this example I’m going to do a search for the term search engine.

This returns a list of pages on Wikipedia that are related to search engines but need citations or broken links fixing.


Get The Wikipedia Backlink

Before we start updating Wikipedia, we need to think about a few things:

  • Human Moderation: Wikipedia relies on people to moderate their website. They need people like you but they don’t need spam. If you want your submission to be approved, think about adding quality to Wikipedia’s index.
  • Add News: If a news story leaks or something happens in your industry, this is a great opportunity to create content then link to your article from Wikipedia.
  • Do 3 Non-Promotional Edits for Each Self Promotion: I like to keep a ratio of 25% of my edits as promotional for myself and clients. It helps me stay under the radar, plus I actually contribute to the Wikipedia community in the long run. It doesn’t take long to help Wikipedia out. Don’t just create links for yourself.

Create a Wikipedia Account

Anyone can create a Wikipedia account – it is 100% free.

Just click on Create Account in the top right corner of the site.

It’s a good idea to make a few non-promotional edits before you add your links. Respect the Wikipedia community and you will get as many links as you need.

Edit Articles

It’s pretty easy to edit articles. Click the edit button next to the article heading.


Once you have done that you will be taken to the Wikipedia editor.

Make sure you are logged into your account then fix the dead link or add your citation as required-

How to Remove Dead Links

 Step 1 – Find the dead link citation


Step 2 – Click the Edit Link


Step 3 – Delete the Entire code between <ref> </ref> tags


Step 4 – Click the Save Button

That’s it. Fixing broken Wikipedia links is the easiest way to build up account trust. Plus it helps with Wikipedia’s SEO too!

How to Add Your Citation Link

Step 1 – Click the Edit Link


Step 2 – Click the Cite References <ref></ref> button


Step 3 – Paste your URL between the <ref> </ref> tags


Step 4 – Click the Save Button

That’s it. Your submission will be reviewed by a Wikipedia editor. If your citation is good quality and relevant, Wikipedia will accept your submissions!

How to Buy Wikipedia Backlinks

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