Footer Backlinks: How to Get Easy Dofollow Links

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Footer links is a highly debated topic, especially ever since Matt Cutts released a video about sitewide links. If your website got penalized from sitewide links, then you are not alone.

In 2011, One of my biggest financial websites got hit with a sitewide anchor text penalties that shut off 80% of my traffic overnight. More on that later.

Many SEOs believe sitewide links are unnatural, but I disagree to some extent. Sitewide links give importance to evergreen content no matter which page your visitor lands on.

Anyway, I want to share some caution with this technique… still, I have seen it work with amazing results on a variety of websites in various industries.


Example of Rooshv’s footer links

footerlink-example1 Organic Search Traffic


2. 24/7 Wall St

Example of 247Wall St’s Footer Links


247 Wall St Organic Traffic


In each of the above examples, we haven’t seen a major decrease in search engine traffic. Google rewards these websites for their linking strategy because it helps the user.

Why Related Footer Links Work?

I’ve noticed these links for a long time now but am finally starting to give them more attention. I think they work well because:

  • Increases Pageviews throughout Network Sites: Recycling traffic is an old technique to boost pageviews on your website.
  • Boost Page Relevancy: Google sees this related content and it helps the user find targeted information.
  • Add Unique Content to the Page: Every day, you get unique content added to your footer when newer articles get published
  • Send Link Juice Through the Network: This is a link builders dream. Send juice throughout your website without lifting a finger.

How to Get These Footer Links

  1. Build a Public Blog Network: Create a network of helpful sites then link them together publicly. You are providing great content, not gaming Google.
  2. Buy Sponsorships on Related Sites: Many websites are goldmines for this tactic. Approach a webmaster and offer them a monthly fee for placing your RSS feed in their footer.
  3. Relationship Building: Simply ask a website friend to swap your RSS feeds.

The easiest way to build these links is using RSS feeds. If you use WordPress, your RSS feed will be:

Adding Your RSS Feed to Your Footer in WordPress

Go to Widgets -> Select the RSS widget -> Enter your RSS feed then place it in your Footer section of your widgets.

That’s it! This is a quick and easy way to build relevant backlinks to help your visitors and Google better understand your website.

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  1. I using RSS feeds in my footer
    but I dont seen big improvement after I add them
    My Shop have a poor SEO so maybe there is biggest problem.
    Any way you show some good ideas for me on future

    1. Nice site. For Ecommerce, you should start a backlink building campaign that targets websites already talking about your products. Just Google your product keywords then try to get people to link to your products. I will explain this in complete detail in the later post.

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