10 Ways to Create High DA Backlinks

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High DA backlinks are the gold standard of links in SEO. To fully understand why these links work, let’s first talk about domain authority and how Google ranks websites.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a term coined by Moz that rates how well a website will be able to rank in Google. The underlying assumption is that the higher your DA score, the easier it will be for your site to achieve top rankings. DA is scored from 0 to 100.

Examples of High DA Websites

Many of the highest traffic webites on the internet have massive DA. Here’s a few examples:

  • CNN: PR 9
  • Yahoo: PR 9
  • CNet: PR 8

A backlink from one of these sites is a massive signal in Google eyes. For link building purposes, I focus on getting DA10+ backlinks from high trust domains. Generally, the more DA, the better.

There are tons of ways to get these links but most methods require some form of outreach via email, social networking or PR inquires. I’ll discuss these methods in a future post.

Traits of the Perfect High DA Backlink

Not every link is created equal. A good DA link has the following traits:

  • 100% dofollow
  • Clickable
  • Placed directly on the page with the DA
  • No more than 10 links already on the same page
  • Is permanent

Right now, I’m going to show you 10 legit ways to create high DA backlinks yourself. It’s so easy that even a complete beginner can do it.

1. Private Blog Network


Private blog networks are dominating Google search results! I wrote a previous post on how to build a private blog network quickly and easily. The basic steps are:

  • Find Expired Domains
  • Setup the domain on different hosting accounts
  • Use a different theme for each domain
  • Post a unique article with no more than 3 backlinks
  • Diversify your anchor text to avoid optimization penalties

It’s easy to grab a handful of expired/deleted domains with ExpiredDomains.net and start building your own PBN today. Either do it yourself or outsource it to my team.

2. High DA DoFollow Blog Comments

Blog commenting is old news but I love high DA dofollow blog comments for getting some incredibly strong links.

Check out my complete guide on Blog Commenting for Link builders for more in-depth information.

I use DropMyLink for the majority of my blog commenting links.

3. Top Commentators Blogs

Show Top commentators is a cool plugin that credits blog commentators with a dofollow backlink in the sidebar. I use SEOQuake to find blogs that use this plugin then leave comments to get a SITEWIDE High PR backlinks.

Check it out:


How to Find Top Commentators Blogs

  • Go to Google and search for: “your niche” “top commentators”
  • Use SEO quake to find the websites with the highest PR
  • Leave a relevant comment with your name in the NAME field
  • Rinse and repeat

Most blogs reset the top commentators every month so create simple EXCEL spreadsheet with each domain listed so you remember to comment every month.

4. WordPress Reviews

WordPress.org is a PR9 domain and has tons of PR4 inner pages where you can create a solid backlink as long as you don’t spam. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a WordPress.org account
  2. Go to Support Forums
  3. Use the SEOQuake toolbar to browse some of the older threads and check the pagerank
  4. Leave a relevant comment then insert your link to your page without being spammy

Don’t abuse this tactic because the WordPress forum is there to help people. What I do is answer people’s questions then refer to my link when making a point.

Do This – I use Yoast SEO to optimize my page titles for SEO. Check out my site for an example. http://www.backlinkinsider.com Make sure to Force title rewrites and keep the categories No index.

Don’t Do This – Hi Please visit my blog. <a href=”http://www.backlinkinsider.com”>SEO</a>

URl links without anchor text look more natural to the WordPress community. Again, don’t use anchor texts.

5. Buy Guest Posts on High DA Domains

If you don’t have a private PBN, then get those high DA backlinks by buying cheap blog posts at fiverr.

Fiverr has lots of crappy gigs but there are a few great values available there. We’re looking for blogs that accept guest posts on their homepage.

Go to Fiverr and search for keywords like:

  • “I will post your content”
  • “guest post on my”
  • “I will post your article”
  • “guest posts” + your niche

Check the title and description to verify the pagerank. Don’t be afraid to send a quick message asking: “What is the URL for this gig?”

Most Fiverr sellers will reply to close the sale. Look for DA10+ sites and use OpenSiteExplorer to check key metrics like DA & PA.

6. High DA Directories

Directory links get a lot of hate but I love getting a quick and easy high PR link with just a few minutes of work.

Here’s a list of free High PR directories to submit your link to. I prefer outsourcing this work to Fiverr for $5. Here’s my favorite Fiverr gig for High PR directory links.

7. Sidebar & Footer Links

Many bloggers are simply broke. Search Google for blogs that have a high DA but don’t seem to be earning a lot of money.

  • Go to Google and search: “your niche” + “blogs” and browse the top 100 Google results.
  • When you find a good candidate, use the contact form and offer them some money to post your link.
  • Many will reply and you can get an easy DA10+ backlink with little money and effort

8. Internal Links to Older Pages

If you have a website older than 3 to 6 months, then your inner pages are a pagerank goldmine. Here’s how to find inner pages with pagerank on your website and how to create links from them.

  1. Change the Google results per page to at least 25: Go to Google.com -> Search Settings in the top right hand corner -> Results Per Page and move to bar to the right
  2. Enable SEOQuake and type this search query into Google: site:yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your website URL)
  3. Click the PR arrow to sort the pages by pagerank
  4. Click the results and insert backlinks to your target page using different anchor texts

9. Testimonials

Successful companies and blogs publish testimonials from customers to show their creditbility. Sometimes, the company will post the testimonial along with a backlink. Here’s an example from PR6 Aweber testimonials page:


Here’s how to get these backlinks:

  1. Search Google for: “your niche” “testimonials”
  2. Sort the pages by pagerank in SEOQuake
  3. Contact the website and request to submit an honest testimonial

All you need to do is write a few words to get a lifetime high PR backlink. Best of all, as the website grows, your PR backlink grows in value as well.

Not to mention the potential referral traffic when people read your testimonial and check out your website.

10. LinksManagement

I am a follower of Source Wave by Alex Becker and learned about LinksManagement through his Youtube channel. It’s a simple High PR links service that allows you to purchase PR1 to PR6 high quality one way links at an affordable cost.

What High DA Backlink Methods Do You Use?

I shared with you most of my easy to understand high pr backlinking methods. Brian Dean shares another high PR backlinking article that shows you new methods too.

Let me know if these methods work for you. What methods do you use? If I try your backlinking method and it works, I will add it to the list.

Happy backlinking!

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