10 Ways to Build Backlinks

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Building backlinks to your website is one of the most important factors to driving traffic to your website. There are obvious SEO benefits to backlinks but the most important thing to your website is traffic. Good backlinks will drive traffic to your website as well. Over the years, I’ve tried and tested literally hundreds of ways to generate backlinks and get positive results.

What do I mean by positive results?

Positive results means those backlinks either drove more traffic or increased the website’s SERP rankings in Google, Yahoo! or Bing. The internet is interlinked so each link is connected to a larger web of links. Because of this, many website owners (myself included) got caught up in spammy tactics that Google punished with their various animal updates (Google Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird).

Focus on the Evergreen Links

It’s important to focus on what I call “Evergreen Links.” These types of links are always loved by Google but most importantly website visitors. They drive traffic, boost search rankings and provide lots of brand recognition to your websites. Now that we know to focus on evergreen links, here’s a complete list of places to get those links:

Ways to Build Backlinks

1. Submit Guest Posts to Other Blogs

2. Comment on Dofollow blogs with your NAME. Use Droplink to find these blogs.

3. Answer questions in niche related forums and provide your backlink as a helpful resource for additional information. Use BoardReader to find these forums.

4. Donate to charity and non-profit organzations. They will usually provide you a backlink on their contributors page. Here’s how to find websites that accept donations.

5. Signup for a niche related forum and link to your website in the forum signature. Some forums require you to pay an annual subscription to receive a dofollow link.

6. Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and link to your website in the Source field.

7. Submit a press release to PRweb. You can find good PR release writers on Fiverr or Textbroker.

8. Create a Youtube Channel then upload videos to it. Always link to your website in the description field.

9. Submit a testimonial and ask the company to link to your website. Check out my previous post on high PR backlinks for an example.

10. Get backlinks from your Facebook Page.

Avoid These Link Building Tactics

Here’s a list of all the tactics I tried and got punished for:

  • Bulk Forum Spam Links
  • Blogs with thin or little content
  • Exact Anchor Text Links
  • Sidebar Anchor Text Links
  • Paid Links from Fiverr

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