Best Web Hosting For Private Blog Networks

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If you plan to build a private blog network, then one of the most important factors is cheap, reliable web hosting.

In order for your PBN to get maximum results, each domains needs its own separate web hosting on a separate IP address.

Some people prefer to use SEO hosting with a dedicated IP address for each domain. The only problem is SEO hosting leaves lots of footprints to your network.

SEO hosts rent out a block of IP addresses and each IP will only differ by one number or so. If you face a Google manual review, then your PBN is ruined.

Best Hosting For Private Blog Networks

The best way to eliminate network footprints is using cheap 1 dollar web hosting. I created a cheap web hosting page that lists all of the web hostings I currently use.

For a huge list of 1 dollar hosts, check out the Shared Hosting Offers section at WebHostingTalk.

How Much Does 1 Dollar Hosting Cost?

1 dollar hosting costs around $1 per month. If you pay in advance, it only costs around $10 per year.

How to Setup Domains on 1 Dollar Hosting

Most 1 dollar hosting offers shared hosting packages with Cpanel. It’s easy to automatically install WordPress and start building the domain for your network.

What are the risks of cheap web hosting?

There are some risks to using cheap 1 dollar hosts. If the company shuts down or goes out of business, you lose your websites.

While this doesn’t happen often, you need to consider it. The best hosting companies have been around for a couple years and have plenty of customers.

To prevent losing all your websites, use ManageWP to backup all of your domains automatically every day and save them to Google drive. That way, you have a copy of every site no matter what.

Is the unique nameserver something to worry about or not so much?

If you use the same hosting but different IP addresses, then all your nameservers will be the same. This is a big red flag.

The easiest way to prevent this is using CloudFare or simply use different hosting companies for your domains.

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