Best Adsense Ready Responsive WordPress Themes 2019

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Generating money through a blog is not that critical if you have the right type of theme. Hundreds of adsense optimised WordPress themes are available to help you with this. Below mentioned are 10 most effective adsense ready WordPress themes for 2015 along with their brief definition.



Websites have shown outstanding earning records by using TruePixel theme. It is a simple, highly responsive and SEO optimised theme made by MY-theme-shop. It guarantees high CTR rate and is easily customisable.



My theme shop provides the other high performing and adsense optimised theme, Splash. It is highly responsive and fully adsense ready theme. It also works with WordPress 3.9 and has inbuilt rating system.



If you believe in providing your customers with the simple and easy to read blog then Adsos is the thing for you. It is an adsense optimised theme and has inbuilt ad blocks helping in the increase of your CTR. You can just copy and paste your ads in Adsos without any background code shuffling.



It is a very receptive adsense ready theme and provides easy interaction environment for website manager. It focuses on increasing your income by ensuring high CTR, RPMs and CPCs.

Wimple pro


Professional bloggers can use this fast loading and well designed theme for making their website look clean, simple and to the point. It is also good for user reading and provides high income by increasing your CTR rate.

Magazine pro


Designed by studio press in HTML5, Magazine pro is one of the most responsive and adsense friendly WordPress themes. It comes with 728×90 leader board and is completely mobile responsive for increasing your CTR rate.



With widgetized ad blocks, Pixeldom provides easy procedure for ad posting because you just have to post your ad code to activate the ad blocks. It is fully SEO optimized and fully responsive WordPress theme.



Theme forest team has delivered this well designed and adsense friendly WordPress theme. You can use it if you want to build a blog, magazine website or a newspaper website. It has an elegant and attractive design for readers.



The best thing about Fortune is that it is perfectly compatible with all screen resolutions and sizes. Therefore, your visitors will not have any problem if they use their smartphones to read or visit. It is fully responsive adsense optimized theme built in HTML5.

Fresh life:


Developed by theme junky, Freshlife is a responsive and easy to manage WordPress theme. It has cross browser compatibility and it is WordPress 3.9 ready. It comes with life time support and provides awesome user-friendly environment.

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  1. I love the themes but I think adsense is not going to last much longer. Google is big but Adsense only works for youtube. There are too many people using adblockers these days and the payments are too low. Better do affiliates.

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