5 Ways to Increase Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website

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Looking for ways to improve your SEO efforts and get more free search engine traffic from Google?

I know a lot of people are struggling to get traffic in Google ever since all these Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates. Even one of my authority sites got hit pretty hard, but recently I’ve noticed a BIG shift in how much traffic Google sends me. These are screenshots from my Google Webmaster Tools


As you can see, Google search impressions are up 243% and clicks are up 452%. The numbers are pretty small, but this is a website that I recently relaunched after being offline for over 8 months. My main strategy was to target long tail keywords and provide great content for my audience.

Just look at the trend! So how do you get these results….

1. Update Your Website Daily

Studies prove time and time again that daily updated website get more traffic than more static ones. If you can create at least 1 piece of content (article, video, infographic) on your topic niche, it will help you get a lot more free traffic. Google LOVES fresh content :)

The more, the better. In fact, QUANTITY is more important than quality. Here’s proof: http://www.quicksprout.com/2013/10/…lessons-learned-from-20-of-the-top-100-blogs/

Every big website (Yahoo, Bloomberg, CNN) is updated CONSTANTLY. Not every update will hit it big but you will get more search traffic over time.

2. Write headlines for people, not Google

People read your website, not Google. Your website won’t get search traffic if your page titles are boring. Make them more interesting to attract clicks in the SERPs. Study headlines from Upworthy, ViralNova, CNN, and Huffington Post to get a good idea of what drives traffic. Better headlines means more eyeballs and more clicks in Google to your site. Here’s some headlines tips: http://www.quicksprout.com/the-definitive-guide-to-copywriting-chapter-3/

3. Build High PR backlinks to your website

Once you’ve got some good content, you need to build some high PR backlinks. Look for websites with at least PR1 and ask for a link exchange. You can also get links from directories, social networking sites, blogs, etc. Consider building your own private blog network too. Always build links and spend a little time every day or outsource this. Here’s how to get good backlinks: http://source-wave.com/seo-backlink/

4. Answer the Search Query

There’s a huge misconception on what makes content quality. Too many people believe it’s length or word count. This is false.

Quality content is engaging and answers the query. It’s time to rethink everything and do the opposite of everyone else.

Case Study: InvestoPedia

Look how short this page for the search query “what is retained earnings”


It’s barely 150 words but it does answer the question. So good content can be REALLY Short. Better to write a short 100 word article than a 2,000 word entry that doesn’t get read. Just update your website and get something up.

5. Go for Diverse Links

All the Google updates hurt non-authority websites. If you link spam any big website like Forbes.com or TMZ.com, nothing will happen. So it’s not about link quality. It’s about link diversity. These sites get lots of links from many sites. Both good and bad. By thinking of diversity, my sites continue to climb in the SERPS. Connect as many quality sites to your sites as possible. That builds authority.


Using these 5 strategies, you will definitely get more Google traffic immediately. Start doing the things that successful website dos. They do all 5 and that’s why they are big and profitable. For more SEO tips and tricks, check out the best SEO resources to rank for any keyword.

What strategies do you use to increase your search engine traffic?

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  1. Hi there, great post.
    Can you describe how to increase alexa’s rank for my website ? I was stuck. 😀
    this is my website, it is so hard to get rank below 500.


  2. A lot of SEO forums talk about guest posting. They say that guest posting alone can skyrocket your website’s rankings. How true is it? Let’s say we are just doing guest posting and getting a do-follow link from sites with good authority. Is it really worth it? Or do we necessarily need to build other links like links from directories, social bookmarking and similar sort of stuff?

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