This is my complete essay on the benefits of owning Bitcoin. Since this is my personal website, I only plan to create this 1 page solely on all the important aspects of Bitcoin and its properties.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s oldest cryptocurrency founded on January 3rd, 2008 by an anonymous person referred to as Satoshi.

Bitcoin is really just a simple savings account that uses sound money principles similar to Gold, which is why many Bitcoiners refer to it as “digital gold”.

Key Details about Bitcoin

  • Supply: 21 million coins

There are a lot of key aspects that make Bitcoin special and we’ll cover the most important ones in this article.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the best way to protect your life’s work and energy against inflation and currency debasement.

Countries like Argentina, Turkey, and Venezuela are experiencing massive inflation and the devaluation of their local currencies. When governments print too much of a currency, the overall value of each individual unit decreases.

That’s why prices continue rising year after year. Inflation is theft and steals your purchasing power over time.

However, Bitcoin is a safe haven against inflation because of its fixed supply.