Backup WordPress to Google Drive Using ManageWP

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Backup WordPress to Google Drive

Backing up your wordpress site is a necessary task to save yourself the time and frustration of potentially losing all your blog content, comments, and images.

Last year, I had a terrible experience where I lost my entire dedicated server and rebuilt many of my older websites from outdated backups.

Since this horrible experience, I make sure to backup my WordPress site to Google Drive to prevent this situations from ever happening again.

Using Google Drive to Store Website Backups

The most common way to backup your wordpress website is storing the WordPress file on your computer. This is a great start, but you need an external location just in case your computer gets destroyed, stolen or crashes. Google Drive is perfect since all you need is a free Google account. Once you save it to Google Drive, then you can download the backups to your computer for an extra copy of your website.

How to Backup Your WordPress Site to Google Drive Using ManageWP

If you want the harder manual way to backup your WordPress site to Google Drive, then use the Google Drive for WordPress plugin. I found out that many people have experience trouble with this plugin so be sure to follow the instructions before using.

However, I manage around 10 WordPress sites and don’t have the patience to install the plugin a bunch of times. Instead, I use ManageWP to backup my sites in just 1 click.

Why Use ManageWP?

Before I discovered ManageWP, I drove myself crazy spending hours manually updating my websites, backing them up, installing plugins and performing other boring yet necessary tasks. ManageWP lets you manage your multiple wordpress sites under 1 single dashboard.

It also supports 1 click backups to Google Drive. I don’t need to install a bunch of plugins and worry about troubleshooting them. It’s really easy.

Step 1 – Create a ManageWP Account and Subscribe to the Standard Plan

ManageWP offers a free trial account but you need at least a Standard plan to use the Google Drive backup service. It costs $1.50 per month to backup 1 wordpress site. Well worth the investment.

Click Here to Create a ManageWP Account

Step 2 – Click “Backup Now” Under the Left Hand Column

Go to your dashboard and click the domain you want to backup. Click “Backup” underneath the left hand dropdown column.


Step 3 – Select the Correct Settings

Choose your desired settings and hit “Next”.

  • Backup type – choose whether you want to backup your whole site or just your database
  • Number of backups to keep – you can keep between 1 and 30 backups
  • Exclude files and folders – exclude any files or folders you don’t want to backup
  • Include folders – if you have other folders other than the core WordPress folders tell ManageWP here
  • Less compression – choose to create a backup file faster but with less compression
  • Optimize database tables before backup – check this option to optimize your database just before the backup process begins


Step 4 – Click the “Google Drive Box” and Hit “Create Backup”

Check the “Choose External Destionation” box then select “Google Drive” to store your backups.

You will need to have your login details for whichever service you choose to use.

You can test your connection by clicking the Test Connection button. This way you can make sure that everything is working correctly before you get started.


Step 5 – Confirm the backup in your Google Drive Account

Log into your Google Drive account and confirm your new backup. It should be there!



Now, you have a full wordpress site backup on your Google Drive account and webserver. Whenever you update your backup, it will automatically create a newer zip file in your account.

This is the safer way to protect your wordpress content and avoid a disaster that destroys all of your hard work. If you want to try ManageWP to save you time and headaches, then try this ManageWP coupon code for new customers only.

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