Does Alexa Rank Affect Google SEO?

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A lot of people think that a good Alexa rank will increase their SEO and boost traffic.

Unfortunately, I must say it doesn’t.

Alexa rank isn’t actually accurate and most bloggers/webmasters don’t often care about it.

There are certain benefits to a lower Alexa rank.

Advertisers and sponsors use Alexa rank to sort websites in many advertising networks. It’s used as a general metric to gauge internet traffic.

When it comes to SEO, I don’t think Alexa is important.

Focus your time on keyword research, site speed, building backlinks and posting fresh content on your website.

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  1. Good SEO leads to better traffic to your website and it may boost your alexa rank. So some ppl assume that if a website has excellent alexa it must be having good SEO. Just my thought though.

  2. One can very easily manipulate the Alexa rank of any website as its metrics for ranking a site are very basic. This is the reason why I think google would ignore it.

  3. Thank you, but some of my client think alexa rank is important, is there any site/service that can provide data so i can prove to my client that alexa is not relevant to compare website.

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